Songbook as Android App

If you would like to get the Songbook on your Android device, feel free to test my new app:

XGSL Viewer

 New SongBook

For all the folks still downloading my old song book, please notice that I wrote a new system allowing to produce a entirely new book. The latest version can always be downloaded from the following URL:

I do no longer target a printout version, but use instead my tablet to play. Having a backlight, this come very handy even in a dark room ;-)

 Facebook comment box

I finally found some minutes to test and integrate the facebook comment box here ...
Just click on the link below to make it visible.


Having missed the world IPv6 day about 6 weeks, I finally succedeed in connecting my home network to the IPv6 net today.



You may want to take a look at the stuff I do with my new gadget: an Arduino

 Moving onto SourceForge

My lastest two projects have been moved onto SourceForge:

Feel free to visite any of the sites and to participate :-)

 U N I M O Z E R - the universal modelizer for learning Java™

This is my new project. It has a dedicated page where you can find all relevant information ....


I've just noticed, that some news over here are really outdated.

For more information, please go here: