Music Song Book

As I already mentioned somewhere, I really like to play guitar. Nowadays the internet is full of people that traced down the chords of famous songs, but there exits a wide range of formats which makes its quite difficult to handle a nice collection.

I started collecting songs and pasting them into MS Word, but as the file growed and after a lot of different "replace all" manipulations, I ended up with a big unrecoverable mess. (version 1.0 to 1.2)

In 2004 I defined special XML based format called XGSL (eXtended Guitar Song Language) to save and manage the different songs. This implied not only that I have to review every single song, but also to copy / paste them manually into a new application I wrote (using Delphi 6 PE) especially for this purpose. As you can surely imagine, this is a stupid and long work to do. (version 1.3 to 1.4)

Excately ten years later, thus in 2014, I came up with a web based multi-user editor. In fact, not working on Windows anymore since 5 or 6 years, my old Delphi application wasn't usable any more. With this version I do not traget printouted copies but use my tablet to play. This come out very handy, even in dark rooms ;-)

Then, in may 2018, GDPR came and ... (You can certainly imagine the end of the sentence, don't you? So I leave it up to you to imagine some good reason why the rest of this page is now empty ...)